The easiest way to drive traffic to your site is to buy it. But if you are an web marketing novice you probably do not have a large marketing budget to invest in traffic building. If that's the case, you will have to invest your time.

The following traffic techniques are time consuming, but they are 100% free and will drive a respectable amount of targeted traffic to your site. Once your site is generating leads and sales , you will soon be earning enough money to invest in buying traffic, increasing your time to build new money making websites.

Try These 12 Free Web Traffic Building Methods:

1) Use this proven web marketing technique, write 5 to 10 articles and submit them to all the article directories. Off course you must include a link to your site in the article itself or in your bio box. The articles should be optimized for a keyword your site is targeting.

2)Join blogs related to your topic and leave useful comments with a backlink to your site. In the same way you could go to answers.yahoo.com, and answer questions related to your site's topic. Off course put a link to your site in each of your answers. Another thing you should consider, is joining the most popular forums that deal with you site’s topic and becoming an active poster. Include a link to your site in your signature.

3) This one can be very powerful. Write a press release about your site and submit it to press release sites. If you are not familiar with press releases, take some time to do a little research: a press release is written differently than an article.

4) If you are happy with a product or service you have used, write an unbiased testimonial and trade it for a backlink to your site.

5) Start a blog on blogger.com and a blog on wordpress.com, link them to your site and submit them to the hundreds of blog directories. This will get you plenty of quality traffic as long as you keep your blogs updated.

6) Try posting ads with a link to you site on all the classified ad sites you can find (such as craigslist.com). The best ones will allow you to post a live link. But don't neglect the other ones. If your ad is well written, people will go out of their way and type your URL in their browser. Off course you must post in the appropriate category.

7) An easy way to get a extra more free traffic is to add a link to your site in your email signature.

8) Start a page on myspace.com and on any other high page rank social bookmarking site you can find. In the same way, go to Squidoo.com, open a few accounts, create a few lenses and link them to your site.

9) Submit a viral video to youtube.com. You don't really need any video producing knowledge as a simple Powerpoint slideshow with some background music will to the job perfectly.

10) Search your main keywords on Google and see if you can exchange reciprocal links with related websites that come up in the top results.

11) You should write an ebook or a short report (say 10 to 20 pages), or find a product with giveaway rights that you can brand with a link to your site. Then submit it to all the ebook directories you can find online.

12) This tip is so obvious it should not even be counted, but it is often overlooked it is: submit your site to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and to as many other search engines as you can.

Here is one last tip that is not free but worth checkinhg out! Check out the misspellings or variations of your domain name, or those of your competitors. If you find a good available domain, buy it and redirect the traffic to your site.

These web marketing tips and techniques will work, but you don't have to use them all at once. Just start with the one you feel is the most advantageous to your web marketing campaign and start now. Dedicate 30 minutes to an hour daily in implementing all of these proven web marketing tips, and start building your free traffic today!

Day by day progress to the next technique and within a few weeks you should be earning enough money to afford to buy traffic and concentrate your time and efforts on building your online business.

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