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Generate A Potential Media Stampede To Your Site
Do you want to get more media coverage and exposure, drive more traffic to your site for free and save thousands of dollars a year in PR expenses, then keep reading!

With so many different promotion options available like search engines, e-zines, banner swaps bulk email campaigns, teleseminars, etc. to choose from, it's easy to forget that the PRESS RELEASE is the single most powerful method for creating FREE buzz and publicity to your website.

But... paying a PR Firm to do your press release campaign is very expensive - especially if your planing on doing more then one press release a month.

The Cybertrack Marketing Press Release Service  is a Media Magnet and a powerful  Press Release Submission system that allows you to harnesses our ability to broadcast your press releases to over 28,000 Targeted Industry Specific News & Media Contacts. Which could  drive traffic to your website within minutes - at a very cost effective price with a high ROI!

More Importantly, this is not a high priced press release service that you have to pay exorbitant fee's repeatedly to send out your press releases! When you order the Cybertrack Marketing Press Release Submission service , you can choose the package that fits your budget! So you can send as many press releases as you want - as often as you'd like, while reducing your PR costs

The Cybertrack Marketing Press Release service is like having your very own press agent at your beck and call."

Remember, A Press Release That's Picked Up By The Media Is FREE Advertising!

Any article written about your product, company, event, or motion, and published by an independent third party, delivers a sense of "credibility" and an "implied endorsement" that PAID advertisements just don't offer.

In fact, any mention about your company, product or service in print, TV or radio is the most powerful form of advertising there is!

Cybertrack Marketing Press Release service gets results:  Our customers press releases get noticed. We post press releases online, get them into search engines, blogs and RSS feeds.

HIGHLY TARGETED DISTRIBUTION: Once we receive your order, we read your press release and target and submit it to our list of press release outlets and contacts. Each press release is sent by itself and not grouped together with other press releases. Our press release list is divided into categories so that we can choose targeted sources that are looking for your news.

PROOF OF DISTRIBUTION: Once we have sent your press release, we will send you a list of web sources that we reached and links to see your release online. Press releases can be sent within 24 hours of your order or you may choose a later date.

Press Release Submission
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