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Increase Traffic And Sales Leads
With Web Banner Advertising

Generate A Massive Stream Of Qualified Prospects
With Internet Banner Advertising

When banners ads are distributed through the correct channels and are placed in front of a target specific audience interested in what you are offering, the results can be explosive.

The Cybertrack custom banner advertising program draws exactly that - targeted specific traffic to your website. Your ad is displayed in front of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people on high traffic ad networks.

Our experience in banner web site promotion and marketing makes it easy for you to get started.

What are Banner Ads?

Banners are used as a highly cost effective method of introducing your company, product, or service to potential customers. Your brand and message are displayed in a 468 x 60 pixel image across a network of high-traffic web sites. Web surfers with an interest in your company can click through to your site to order or get more information on what you are offering.

Benefits of Using Banner Impressions for Advertising

There are many reasons you should consider using banner advertising to market your website. First off, banner impressions are one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing to a wide audience. Compare a banner ad campaign to an advertisement in print, or in direct mail. Banner ads cost less to design and place. They also reach a larger more target specific audience for the money.

Banner advertising is also ideal for establishing your brand or for providing information about a new product or service. Consumer research historically shows that most people see an ad several times before they take action. Banners allow you to display your ad over a period of time, increasing the chances that a prospect will see your ad and remember it.

Your banner ad can be targeted to specific audiences. The Cybertrack Banner  Ad program allows you to choose from a wide variety of consumer and business categories. For example, a company that sells golf clubs and apparel can specify to have their ads appear in the "Sports" or "Recreation" categories. This way, your ad will only be shown on websites that fit the categories you select. This results in a greater conversion and response rate per banner impression served.

Print ads, television, or radio are usually linked to a store in a physical location that actually has to be visited in person. Banner ads, on the other hand, can create sales leads that can lead to immediate purchases. People seeing your advertisement can instantly click through to your web site store to to learn more, or to make a purchase on the spot.

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